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How do we define what is quality content?

This is something essential, and when you have it - more than half of your SEO work is done!

So, how do we define quality content, in the digital marketing world?

First, it must be relevant to the user's needs. Think about “vegetables”. Are we talking about tips for growing them? Where we can buy them? Great recipes? Or comparing nutritional value, etc, etc. If I'm looking to buy them, it means I'm not so much into growing them. So - target the content to what your users are looking for.

Second, it must be expert content. Your site needs to say to everyone that you are the go-to person on the subject. It must be accurate, well researched, informative, with much useful information.

Third, presentation is important. Not just appealing in design - although that is important. The statistics tell us that the number 1 thing people are looking for is ease of use - being able to find what they are looking for with a minimum of fuss. Menus need to be clear and consistent on every page. The text needs to be broken up into ‘bite-sized’ chunks, and there need to be hierarchical headings, paragraph breaks, and even dot points where appropriate. The most important information as far as possible should be placed ‘above the fold’ - in the top screen - so that the user doesn't need to scroll down for it. Other important aspects of presentation include mobile friendliness (especially today where you are more likely to be searched on a mobile!) and the use of images, which strongly attract readership.

Finally, the site needs to load quickly. In this ever-more-speed-oriented world if a person has to wait more than, say, a couple of seconds! - they'll move elsewhere.

So the most important element of your SEO needs to be: QUALITY.


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